Senior Scholarships

Linn-Mar School Foundation Scholarships

The Linn-Mar School Foundation is privileged to manage a number of scholarship and memorial funds. These 
funds were created by individuals and families who chose to honor special people or interests by investing in the future of Linn-Mar students.

An invitation to apply for scholarships is distributed to parents of graduating seniors in the winter each year with applications due February 15th.  Scholarship awards will be presented at senior recognition night each May and payable to the recipient’s college financial aid office in August.

Applications and requirements vary by scholarship and are available through Office 365 on Xello and through the Linn-Mar High School College & Career planning center.

2022 Scholarships now available on Xello!

Annual scholarship funds can be created with a minimum of $1,000 gift and $25,000 for endowed named scholarships. For more information on investing in a scholarship fund contact Executive Director Shelley Schroeder at 447-3065 or

John & Marie AbouAssaly Scholarship established in 2019, an annual scholarship to be awarded to one or more Linn-Mar High School graduating senior for undergraduate post-secondary education.  John and Marie lived their lives in modesty and humility and as exemplary role models of kindness and service to others. They understood that success in life is not solely defined by an individual’s professional achievements, but also by commitment to service and helping others in their community.

The successful candidate will embody the courage of John and Marie AbouAssaly and their commitment to education and community service. An applicant must be a Linn-Mar High School senior, have a minimum GPA of 3.5, and have been a consistent participant in community service activities throughout his or her high school term. Leadership roles should be taken into account in the award decision making process.

Award is $1,000.00

2021 Recipient – Lexi King

2020 Recipient – Arsha Vaddadi

2019 Recipient – Jonathan Lindsay

Aggarwal Family Scholarship For Educational Excellence – established in 2016 by the Aggarwal family to support the plans of two Linn-Mar students attending any accredited two or four year school or technical program.  The Aggarwal family and Linn-Mar graduates Summet Aggarwal, 2000 & Manish Aggarwal, 2004 wanted a way to support students and give back to the school district they gained so much from.  Demonstration of financial need is important.

Awards are $1,000.00, $500.00 payable in the Fall semester, $500.00 payable in the Spring semester.

2021 Recipients – Connor French and Morgan Lensch

2020 Recipients – Samual Starnes and Savannah Zhou

2019 Recipients – Cheyenne Mann and Ethan Sauser

2018 Recipients – Rachel Bohnenkamp and Jeret Crow-Schrader

2017 Recipients – Addison Crow-Schrader and Erica Ernzen

2016 Recipients – Harrison Schultz and Gabrielle Meis

John Anderson Memorial Scholarship – This scholarship was established in memory of John. M. Anderson, a 1984 graduate of Linn-Mar High School. He was a three-year varsity basketball player at Linn-Mar and played center for the 1983 Linn-Mar state championship team. He was awarded a basketball scholarship at Ohio State University and played for four years, then traveled all over the world playing ball for teams in a number of countries. John was stricken with meningitis while in Australia in 1994 and passed away shortly after. John was known as a “blue collar worker,” making the most of his talents through hard work and team play. His friends and family contributed money to this fund to provide scholarship dollars to a deserving graduate of Linn-Mar High School each year.

Any graduating senior from Linn-Mar High School who has at least a 3.0 GPA, who is a good citizen, and who has met the admission requirements and will be attending any accredited two or four-year school or technical training program are eligible to apply.

Award is $1,000.00, $500 payable in Fall semester, $500 payable in Spring semester.

2021 Recipient – Isaac Anderson

2020 Recipient – Jake Voss

2019 Recipient – Eli Havlik

2018 Recipient – Jeret Crow-Schrader

2017 Recipient – Dylan Hand

2016 Recipient – Chandler Medberry

2015 Recipient- Lane Halupnik

2014 Recipient – Ben Larson

2013 Recipient – Kate Brockschink

2012 Recipient – David Cunningham

2011 Recipient – Josh Montague

2010 Recipient – Rachel Neverman

2009 Recipient – Kim Jordan

2008 Recipient – Susan Meyer

2007 Recipient – Melissa Hurst

2006 Recipient – Anton Jared Wiebel

2005 Recipient – Clark Anderson

Milton B. Arnold Scholarship established in 2021 by the Arnold family in memory of Milton B. Arnold.

Milton was a life-long farmer in the Marion, Iowa area.  He was always interested in students being able to get a quality education.  He witnessed the transition from one room school houses into the Marion Rural Community School District and then into Linn-Mar Community Schools.  He was elected to the Linn-Mar School Board in the early 1960’s and served until 1967.  He was involved in as many others were at that time, erecting the field light towers at Armstrong Field and putting together student lockers in many of the new buildings.  Two schools existed when he joined the School Board.  The district was entering a period of extreme growth.  During his tenure Indian Creek, Junior High, Wilkins schools were built and the Bowman Woods school bond issue was passed.

Award is $1,000.00

2021 Recipient – Kylie Egbert

Melissa Ann Brendes Memorial Scholarship established in 2008 by Galen & Sherry Brendes, Melissa was a graduate of Linn-Mar High School’s class of 2005. She was a member of the award winning Linn-Mar Poms, loved to dance, and held a special place in her heart for children of all ages. She was a student at the University of Iowa with a major in English and Communications Studies, with a minor in dance. Working with young dancers to help them achieve their potential was a special joy in Melissa’s life. Sadly, Melissa’s short life ended tragically on October 18, 2007. In her memory, her parents have established a scholarship to recognize a Linn-Mar senior that shows the same passion for dance and children that Melissa had.

This scholarship is open to Linn-Mar High School seniors who are active in dance performance in Poms, show choir, theatre, or at a dance studio, have a GPA of 3.0 or above, have participated in an organized dance program for a minimum of 7 years

Award is $1,000.00.

2021 Recipient – Kendall Sturtz

2020 Recipient – Delaney Hannan

2019 Recipient – Brynn Carr

2018 Recipient – Elizabeth Wild

2017 Recipient – Cassidy Burns

2016 Recipient – Jenna Printy

2015 Recipient- Bryn Myers

2014 Recipient- Morgan Vana

2013 Recipient – Reilly Trent

2012 Recipient – Shannon Sidelar

2011 Recipient – Lisa Morgan

2010 Recipient – Katie Goodell

2009 Recipient – Molly Good

2008 Recipient – Katie McNeil

Steven J. Colton Memorial Band Scholarship – Extraordinary Linn-Mar instrumental music instructor, Steve Colton, is remembered by friends, family and alumni through this generous scholarship to a Linn-Mar graduate pursuing a career in instrumental band music. Steven J. Colton retired in 2004 after 27 years as Linn-Mar’s instrumental music instructor. He was honored many times for his achievements as a music educator. Steve was also active in the community as well as throughout the state providing great leadership in music education. Steve died suddenly in August 2006. This scholarship was originally established by friends, family and Linn-Mar alumni as a tribute to Steve following his retirement. The scholarship has continued to grow in memory of Steven J. Colton.

Student must be pursuing a career in instrumental band (education and/or performance), applicants must show that they have participated in a band program since 7th grade, financial aid will be taken into account but is not a pre-requisite

Award is $1,000.00.

2021 Recipient – Zackary Anderson

2020 Recipient – Jaslyn Riherd

2019 Recipient – Jaeden Hansen

2018 Recipient – Samuel Kelly

2017 Recipient – No scholarship awarded in 2017

2016 Recipient – Joshua Yem

2015 Recipient – Noah Perkins

2014 Recipient – Andrew McDonald

2013 Recipient – Joseph Kreassig

2012 Recipient – Britta Pearson

2011 Recipient – Emily Baker

2010 Recipient – Nolan Schroeder

2009 Recipient – Elizabeth Kreassig

2008 Recipient – Ellen Black

2007 Recipient – Kyle Myers

Ryan Driscoll Memorial Scholarship established in 2020 to recognize and honor 1992 Linn-Mar graduate Ryan Driscoll. Many of us have had a special person in our lives who seems to be bigger than life itself. They effortlessly make everyone feel at home, discomfort disappears when they are around. They create opportunities for others that would not have occurred otherwise. Ryan Driscoll embodied these ideals and demonstrated them every day. Ryan was a three-sport athlete at Linn-Mar from 1988-1992, before attending The University of Iowa where he played quarterback. Even as the quarterback at the University of Iowa, he made time for everyone that came into his orbit. It wasn’t the fact that he was a great athlete, it was the fact that he celebrated and embraced everyone for who they were. It is important to celebrate those who bring us together to experience and appreciate the best in everyone. We wish to honor Ryan’s spirit by recognizing those individuals that embrace everyone around them for who they are and incorporate these values in their daily lives.

Available to any graduating senior from Linn-Mar High School who has at least a 3.0 GPA, who is a good academic standing, and who has met the admission requirements and will be attending any accredited two or four year school or technical training program.

Award is $1,000.00

2021 Recipient – Josie Winn

2020 Recipient – Calvin Kanz

Paula Grady Memorial Scholarship is a scholarship established in 1996 to honor a graduating senior from Linn-Mar High School who best exemplifies the qualities reflected in the life of Paula Grady, a long time Linn-Mar supporter, volunteer and champion for education.  Paula never sought recognition for what she did.  She quietly led others as a mother, friend, co-worker and educator.  She was an inspiration to many people, an active participant in the democratic process and was committed to the furthering of an educated populace.  She was usually working quietly and confidently with a high degree of diplomacy in her leadership.

Award is $1,000.00.

2021 Recipient – Elizabeth Low

2020 Recipient – Maneesh John

2019 Recipient – Elissa Von Lehmden

2018 Recipient – Josh King

2017 Recipients – Nolan Jessen and Kyle Tupper

2016 Recipients – Madhuri Belkale & Riley Behr

2015 Recipients- Anne Stevenson and Emma Kritzman

2014 Recipients- Brooke Almasi and Caitlyn Swenson

2013 Recipients – Annie Goodell and Stuart Rettig

2012 Recipients – Bryce Poellet and Brandon Ophoff

2011 Recipient – Emily Saville

2010 Recipient – Janae Holtkamp

2009 Recipient – Cara Soukup

2008 Recipient – Dana Poellet

2007 Recipient – Sarah Standley

2006 Recipient – Katie Koser

2005 Recipient – Jenny Denk

Harper Leah Memorial Scholarship – Harper’s family established a scholarship fund in 2020 to honor the life that she lived in just four short years. They want to be able to honor a senior each year who embodies what Harper embodies, and that is love and acceptance.

A little about Harper, she was a beautiful, loving 4-year-old girl and one of 6 siblings. She loved to dance! Tumble and balance in gymnastics, play basketball and ride her bike. Harper was always giving hugs and telling everyone that she loved them.  Harper loved every single person that she met, Harper’s mother, Janessa shared, she would come up to people and be like ‘Hi, I love you!’ Harper wouldn’t just say that though, she would treat them that way.  Harper loved making new friends at preschool and she was very smart.

Award is $1,000.00

2021 Recipient – Grace AbouAssaly

Kiwanis Clubs of Marion Endowed Scholarship – In recognition of nearly 30 years of service to the community, the Kiwanis Club of Marion created a scholarship honoring service to others.

Award is $500.00 beginning in 2018.

2021 Recipient – Nisha Raj

2020 Recipient – Isha Kalia

2019 Recipient – Akash Gururaja

2018 Recipient – Daniel Low

2017 Recipient – Marion Cagnard

2016 Recipient – Shruthi Boggarapu

2015 Recipient – Ariana Dewan

2014 Recipient – Claire Tupper

2013 Recipient – Catherine In

2012 Recipient – Brady Bisgard

2011 Recipient – Meighan Kelly

2010 Recipient – Kristin Gibbs

2009 Recipient – Zachary Sunderland

2008 Recipient – Michaela Roslawki

2007 Recipient – Josh Pagel

Lea Jost Nursing Scholarship – established in 2019 to honor Linn-Mar retiree Lea Jost.  Lea Jost graduated from St. Luke’s Nursing School in Davenport, Iowa. As an RN, she worked at hospitals and did private duty nursing before starting at Linn-Mar as a school nurse in 1964 working in a variety of our schools along the way. She proudly retired from Linn-Mar in 1982. Lea and her husband, Gary, raised their family in Marion and their three children graduated as Lions: Rick -Class of 1971, Teresa – Class of 1973 and Doug – Class of 1978. Lea’s family has established the Lea Jost Nursing Scholarship in honor of her dedication to nursing and her love for the state if Iowa.

Scholarship is available to any graduating senior from Linn-Mar High School who has at least a 3.0 GPA, who is a good academic standing, and who has met the admission requirements and will be attending any accredited two or four year school or technical training program in the field of nursing.

Award is $500.00

2021 Recipient – Madelynn Lydon

2020 Recipient – Isabella Hernandez

2019 Recipient – Meghan Agnew

Linn-Mar Student Council Scholarship in memory of Selena Apodaca and Bella Severson
Sisters Selena Apodaca and Bella Severson, students of the Linn-Mar Community School District, were tragically lost in a car accident on the third of November, 2016. The loss was devastating to their families, friends and to the entire Linn-Mar community. Linn-Mar unified in support of those in mourning and to remember the lives of Selena and Bella. It is in this remembrance that the Linn-Mar student council has chosen to honor the memory of the sisters in the form of a scholarship. The scholarship has been created with the help of family and friends to be awarded to an individual who possesses similar character traits and values to those of Selena and Bella, such as love of family and friends, strong willed, outgoing, free-spirited, and tough in the face of challenges.

2021 Recipient – Quinn Felber

2020 Recipient – Arnav Bhushan

2019 Recipient – Taylor Cornstock

2018 Recipient – Caitlyn Nuehring

Marion Firefighters Association Scholarship – New scholarship in 2018 established by the Marion Firefighters Association (MFFA). MFFA is an independent body of volunteer and career firefighters that serve the city of Marion, Iowa and Marion township. The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to students in the community seeking a career path in Fire Science and/or EMT/Paramedic. In order to obtain careers in these fields, people are required to obtain designations that can be costly. By providing this scholarship, it is MFFA’s desire to encourage students to pursue this valuable career path not only for the Marion community but for all communities.

2021 Recipient – Rion Ranard

2020 Recipient – Trent Partridge

Heather Mershbrock Memorial Scholarship honors 1994 Linn-Mar graduate and 4-year, 2-sport cheerleader, Heather Merschbrock. This scholarship began in 2003 and recognizes academic, extra-curricular and community involvement.  Applicant must be entering the teaching profession.

Award is $500.00.

2021 Recipient – Morgan Lensch

2020 Recipient – Maya Prebil

2019 Recipient – Colleen Luksetich

2018 Recipient – Caitlyn Nuehring

2017 Recipient – Annabella Hicks

2016 Recipient – Molly Luedeman

2015 Recipient – Garrett McClurg

2014 Recipient- Natalie Peyton

2013 Recipient – Allison Miller

2012 Recipient – Madeline Masters

2011 Recipient – Michelle Neuwirth

2010 Recipient – Hannah Stafford

2009 Recipient – Cara Soukup

2008 Recipient – Laurie Martin

2007 Recipient – Kelly Roach

Morris F. Neighbor Scholarship – established by the Neighbor family in 2020 to honor the life of Morris Neighbor. He graduated from Alburnett High School in 1935 and attended Banking School at Coe College, Iowa State University and University of Wisconsin. In 1936, Morris operated a grocery and egg buying business from his father’s general store in LaFayette. On June 21, 1941 he was united in marriage to Betty Lucille Oliphant and on June 26, 1941 Morris was inducted into the U.S. Army served in Europe under General Patton. Morris was awarded several medals, including the Bronze Star. In September 1945, Morris was honorably discharged. Morris joined Farmers State Bank in October 1945 as a teller. He advanced to President in 1968 when he purchased controlling interest in FSB.

His civic pride is evidenced by numerous volunteer duties including past president of the Marion YMCA, Chairman YMCA Metropolitan Board of Trustees, member of the Marion American Legion Post 298, the Marion Trojan Lodge 548, Granger House, treasurer for the Marion Chamber of Commerce, 50 year member of Alburnett Christian Church and numerous service clubs. His strong sense of community can be easily traced to the belief that it’s important to give
back to the communities in which we live and work. There have also been various annual gifts to many area schools in the community including Marion Independent and Linn-Mar Community Schools.

An applicant must be a Linn-Mar High School senior, have a minimum GPA of 3.25, and have been a consistent participant in community service activities throughout his or her high school term. One or more undergraduate scholarships will be awarded with no restriction on future planned areas of study. Award selection will primarily be based on documented excellence in academic achievement, a history and future plan of dedication to community service, with financial need being considered if all other criteria are equal.

Award is $750.00 or greater

2021 Recipient – Samuel Winn

2020 Recipient – Maddie Dejong

Dennis Selness Endowed Memorial Scholarship – A group of Linn-Mar FFA alumni created this special scholarship to honor outstanding teacher, Denny Selness, who was instrumental in developing the Agriculture Program, FFA and Aquatics Lab. The scholarship targets an active FFA member pursing a career in natural resources or agriculture.

Award is $1,000.00 beginning in 2022

2021 Recipient – Riley Hildebrand

2020 Recipient – Zach Beyers

2019 Recipient – Paige Adams

2018 Recipient – Chase Krug

2017 Recipient – Addison Crow-Schrader

2016 Recipient – Brandon Smith

2015 Recipient – Cody Benesh

2014 Recipient – Brennon Harris

2013 Recipient – Alexa Klimes

2012 Recipient – Jennifer Zigula

2011 Recipient – Olivia Sippy

2009 Recipient – Kim Jordan

2008 Recipient – Michael Steadman

2007 Recipient – Spencer Jordan

Gerald Senninger Trojan Lodge #548 Scholarship The Gerald Senninger scholarship was established by Trojan Lodge #548 to honor Mr. Senninger’s desire to support a student from Marion, Iowa who will be pursuing further education upon high school graduation. Mr. Senninger was a former Linn County Auditor and dedicated Lodge member. Upon his passing, Mr Senninger created a trust to fund scholarships to continue the legacy of giving dating back to 1971.

Award is $1000.00. $500.00 payable in the Fall semester, $500.00 payable in the Spring semester.  This scholarship alternates every other year between Linn-Mar and Marion Independent.

2020 Recipient – Calvin Kanz

2018 Recipient – Chase Krug

Dayton & Marilyn Sippy Scholarship – These long-time Marion residents created a scholarship in 1998 to support Linn-Mar students with the pursuit of higher education and meaningful employment.

Award is $500.00.

2021 Recipient – Jada Scott

2020 Recipient – Isaac Anderson

2019 Recipient – Rachel Blue

2018 Recipient – Nate Annis

2017 Recipient – Jared Zieser

2016 Recipient – Tyler Annis

2015 Recipient- Priyal Patel

2014 Recipient – Halley Morgan

2013 Recipient – Kayla Ruff

2012 Recipient – David Cunningham

2011 Recipient – Kelsey Kearns

2010 Recipient – Sidney Hargraves

2009 Recipient – Kelsey Henle

2008 Recipient – Jon Rushford

2007 Recipient – Kaelyn Katch

2006 Recipient – Samantha Moore

2005 Recipient – Jake Wilson

Laurie Smith Fine Arts Scholarship – established by the Smith family to honor the memory of Laurie Smith.  This scholarship is in honor of Laurie Smith, the parent of 2019 Linn-Mar High School graduate, Hannah Smith, and a supporter of the Fine Arts department. Laurie was always one to put others before herself and loved to volunteer in any way she could to help her friends, family, and community. As a show choir mom, Laurie dedicated countless hours to help set up the annual Linn-Mar show choir competition, Supernova, and loved to cheer on all three show choir groups at competitions. This scholarship was created to financially support a student who evokes the hardworking and selfless nature of Laurie Smith.

Scholarship is open to any graduating senior from Linn-Mar High School who has at least a 3.0 GPA, who is a good academic standing, involved in a performing Linn-Mar Fine Arts group and who has met the admission requirements and will be attending any accredited two or four year school or technical training program. Fine Arts involvement could include participation in any of the Fine Arts offered at Linn-Mar (Drama, Show Choir, Choir, Band,Orchestra, Speech),

2021 Recipient – Casey Walker

2020 Recipient – Aleah Dupree

John & Peg Slusher University of Iowa Scholarship
The scholarship has been established by John & Peg Slusher. They have lived in the Linn-Mar school district for 45 years. They want to help Linn Mar students with getting an education at the University of Iowa.

Award is $1000.00. $500.00 payable in the Fall semester, $500.00 payable in the Spring semester.

2021 Recipients – Grace AbouAssaly and Sarah Murphy

2020 Recipient – Emily Cummings

2019 Recipients – Shae Beltz and Hannah Smith

2018 Recipient – Alexa Mindrup

2017 Recipient – Lubna Hossain

2016 Recipient – Nicole Glanz

Sunrise Rotary Club Award was created to inspire “service above self”, the Rotary International motto. This scholarship established in 1996 recognizes success at Linn-Mar and an interest in further education. This scholarship concluded in 2021.

Awards are $500.00.

2021 Recipient – Josie Winn

2020 Recipient – Arsha Vaddadi

2019 Recipient – Alexa AbouAssaly

2018 Recipients – Saireshma Balakrishnan and Matt Peng

2017 Recipients – Lydia Anderson & Jaclyn Simons

2016 Recipients – Madhuri Belkale and Sruthi Palaniappan

2015 Recipients – Sydney Johnston and Nikita Sharma

2014 Recipients – Claire Tupper and Jan Henderickson

2013 Recipients – Jordan Webster-Moore and Lauren Reynolds

2012 Recipient – Christina Swenson

2011 Recipients – Olivia Sippy and Kelli O’Connell

2010 Recipients – Sarah Wodnik and Megan Weems

2009 Recipients – Kim Jordan and Zachary Sunderland

2008 Recipients – Ryan Helling and Jenna Holtz

2007 Recipients – Brenton Sherwood and Jennifer Fuller

2006 Recipients – Derek Sindelar and Stephen Nilsen

2005 Recipients – Maria Smith and Andrew Kraemer

Nick Wilwert Tennis Scholarship – This scholarship was established with yearly gifts from private contributors.  A larger gift in 2020 established a scholarship fund to continue this award to honor and recognize Nick Wilwert’s contribution to the young men involved in Linn-Mar tennis.  The Nick Wilwert tennis scholarship supports a Linn-Mar men’s tennis team member who best reflects Nick Wilwert’s caring nature and dedication to others reflected in his support of student athletes and in his community.  Nick is an important volunteer, champion and friend to Linn-Mar tennis.

Award is $500.00.

2021 Recipient – Samuel Winn

2020 Recipient – Joseph Steigerwaldt

2019 Recipient – Thomas Digmann

2018 Recipient – Lucas Huffman

2017 Recipient – Michael Bunney

2016 Recipient – Kathir Pandian

Recently concluded:

Pagel Family Scholarship was established in 2010. This scholarship recognizes a student who has developed a “Spiritual Transistion Plan” while attending college.  This scholarship concluded in 2018.

Award is $350.00.

2018 Recipient – Jared Brooks

2017 Recipient – Marissa Bushlack

2016 Recipient – Karalynn Kirchner

2015 Recipient- Emma Kirtzman

2014 Recipient- Josh Kettlekamp

2013 Recipient – Atakilti Berhe

2012 Recipient – Allison Buol

2011 Recipient – Emily Saville

2010 Recipient – Stephen Gilliland

Linn County State Bank Scholarship – This scholarship was established in 2008 and supports the plans of an outstanding Linn-Mar graduate who plans to further their education in business with an emphasis in accounting or investments.  This scholarship concluded in 2016.

Award is $500.00.

2016 Recipient – Kayla Nibaur

2015 Recipient – Zach Frantz

2014 Recipient – Claire Tupper

2013 Recipient – Austin Swanson

2012 Recipient – Jennifer Zigula

2011 Recipient – Emily Saville

2010 Recipient – Katherine Cote

2009 Recipient – Drew Crawford

2008 Recipient – Elizabeth Wiebke

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