Enhance LM Educators Award – Sponsored by Farmers State Bank

Farmers State Bank is Linn County’s largest family-owned financial institution, with current assets exceeding $1 billion. FSB has seven locations, including its main facility in Marion and offices spanning Cedar Rapids, Hiawatha, Alburnett, and Tiffin. Throughout its nine-decade history, FSB has been recognized as a catalyst for change in the communities it serves. FSB is incredibly passionate about supporting educators and their drive to empower youth through education. Thank you for all you do to prepare future generations for success.

This award is directed to educators as a reimbursement for items purchased for the classroom out of their own pocket. Each year an educator is eligible for up to $250 in reimbursement. Please note, itemized receipts for purchases must be provided to be eligible for reimbursement. As this is a reimbursement, checks are made payable directly to the teacher.

This award is a one-time reimbursement which means if you only have $100 to submit today, that is what your award will be. You are not able to submit a second time. This allows the Foundation to appropriately allocate the $25,000 eligible in total for this grant. Once the $25,000 has been disbursed, this grant program will close for the year.

FSB and the Foundation are excited to offer this award to the educators of the Linn-Mar District!

This grant program has closed! Thank you for your support of this program. The Foundation and FSB were able to support 114 teachers impacting thousands of students and every Linn-Mar school building.

Check out these happy students in the photos below, each of them impacted by this award!

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