Legacy Giving

The Linn-Mar Lion Legacy Society was established to recognize alumni and friends who have made a deferred gift to benefit Linn-Mar Schools through the Linn-Mar School Foundation. The foresight and planning of those who arrange a deferred gift today will help us meet the educational challenges of tomorrow. While we can’t predict what our students and teachers will need, we do know that public education will always be crucial to the future of our families, community and world.


Membership in the Lion Legacy Society is extended to any individual (former or current staff, volunteer, alumni or friend) who arranges a deferred gift — for example, through a bequest or trust — through the Linn-Mar School Foundation (regardless of the size of the gift). There is no other requirement or obligation.


Lion Legacy members receive an attractive certificate of appreciation, informational updates from the Linn-Mar School Foundation, invitations to events and recognition in Foundation honor rolls of contributors, if they choose. We will always honor your wishes regarding donor recognition and contact by the Linn-Mar School Foundation. We’d love to thank you by including you in events offered to Legacy members, but if you wish, we’ll restrict our contact with you to as little as you are comfortable with. It is important to us that your generosity is being appropriately recognized.

Types of Deferred Gifts

Gifts to the Linn-Mar School Foundation can be directed to the Foundation’s endowment (held at the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation), a memorial or scholarship, a designated fund for a particular school or field of interest or to the Foundation’s general fund, to be used for immediate needs in the district. The Foundation accepts the following types of deferred gifts:

Bequest in a will or revocable trust – Leave a legacy for a specific program or curriculum area without affecting your current assets
Charitable remainder trust or gift annuity – Provide current tax benefits while retaining a stream of income for you or other beneficiaries
Charitable lead trust – Provide income to the Linn-Mar School Foundation now and pass the principal of the asset back to your heirs at reduced tax cost
Life insurance policy – Make a significant gift with a modest investment
Remainder interest in personal residence or farm – Receive a tax savings now and continue to live in your home

What if I change my plans?

The Linn-Mar School Foundation acknowledges that any revocable gift plan may change in the future. The Lion Legacy Society provides recognition for your current intention to support the mission of Linn-Mar Community Schools.

While it is not necessary to notify the Foundation of your deferred gift plans, it can be helpful. For example, all estate planning documents should use the Foundation’s full, legal title — The Linn-Mar School Foundation — to ensure that your eventual gift will come through the school district’s preferred channel for private support and will be used according to your wishes.

Because wills, trusts, and other documents are legally binding, the purpose must be clearly stated, or the document could create a gift that does not follow your intentions or support Linn-Mar Community School’s mission. Sharing your plans can help to maximize the benefits from your eventual gift.

For more information, please contact the Foundation’s Executive Director, Shelley Woods at 447-3065 or email.


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