Alumni of the Month – Becky (Humbert) Herman ’96

     Pull out your yearbooks everyone, and let’s take it back to 1996! Our first Alumni Spotlight is Becky Herman. Becky grew up in New Windsor, Maryland and only spent two years at Linn-Mar High School, but she really enjoyed her time spent in Iowa. Becky graduated in 1996, and was then known as Becky Humbert. After high school, she decided to stay in Iowa, attending Coe College for her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Teaching. She then went on to the University of Iowa for her Masters in Educational Leadership. Since graduating, Becky has been quite busy!

     Becky, her husband Jason, and their daughter Stori, now live in Keystone, Iowa. Currently, she is a teacher at Iowa BIG, (fun fact: Becky is the supervising teacher on the project that brought you this website!), and she also owns Iowa Cricket Farmer LLC, which is the first and only human edible insect farm in Iowa. In her free time, she really enjoys reading, eating at her favorite restaurant, the Irish Democrat, participating in pub trivia, and of course, cricket farming! Becky also likes to travel, with her favorite place she has ever visited being London, England, but she says that Sydney, Australia is a close second.

     When looking back on her time at Linn-Mar, Becky remembers her experiences quite fondly, especially memories made with her sports teams. After moving to Linn-Mar at the beginning of her junior year, Becky joined the basketball and soccer teams. Soccer was very new to Linn-Mar at the time, but Becky had played soccer for many years back in Maryland. Soon she became known as “the new girl that plays soccer.” Her fellow teammates made her feel welcome by taking her to football games and introducing her to new people. She also remembers her teachers, enjoying time in Mr. Finney’s anatomy class, and sitting with friends in the back of Huffman’s Brit Lit class. Her fellow classmates told her that she talked too slow when sure first moved to Iowa, must be a Maryland thing!

     When asked what she would like to see happen within the Linn-Mar District with the next 5-10 years,  Becky said, “I would like it if when you walk into a classroom at Linn-Mar, you don’t automatically recognize it as a classroom – it appears futuristic, engaging, and inspiring, sand every student is able to find their groove. Gone are the walls and desks and teachers at the front. Instead, students are lost in concentration, teachers are engaged as students and students are in the driver’s seat.” Becky feels very passionately about helping the students she works with everyday become the model for what she wishes all of Linn-Mar classrooms could be like. Becky “[believes] that high school students are the most underutilized resource in our country and [she] is optimistic about the future of our communities!”

Nominate the next Featured Alumni

The Linn-Mar School Foundation will profile a Linn-Mar graduate who continues to live by the district’s code of conduct, also known as “The Pride Rules”. The Foundation seeks nominations for Linn-Mar High School graduates who:

• Have an active, positive lifestyle

• Respect and serve others

• Is achieving his or her personal best

If you know a Linn-Mar graduate with these qualities, please let us know. Send contact information to “Alumni of the Month.”

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