Alumni Reunions

The Linn-Mar School Foundation is happy to assist reunion planners as they plan to reconnect with classmates for reunion weekends.  Please scroll to the bottom of this page for known reunion dates.

Please contact Executive Director Shelley Schroeder at 730-3638 or [email protected] with your reunion dates so we can post them as soon as possible.

How can the Foundation assist in your planning?

  • Help organize and lead campus tours
  • Provide general reunion planning & information
  • Facilitate class gifts back to the District
  • Share information about your special weekend through our social media channels and website

Take a moment and make sure we have your most recent contact information by completing this short form.  Thank you.

Alumni Group Pages

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If your class’s group page is not listed, please complete the underlying form and include the link to your class page. **The Foundation is not responsible for content within the class pages**

Class Reunion Information

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