The Foundation

The Beginning

Engaged community leaders with the passion to support education at Linn-Mar joined together in 1985 to create a sustainable way to help support the rapidly growing enrollment in our district and develop a funding partner to the Linn-Mar Community School District. They knew then the level of academic excellence we have at Linn-Mar would continue to attract families to the district and our student enrollment would continue to grow.

Many things have changed since 1985; however the Foundation’s purpose is more relevant today than ever before. An excellent public education system requires private support. The Foundation’s founders recognized this fact and put in place a support system to ensure that Linn-Mar Community Schools could grow, expand and excel with the help of private and corporate giving.

As we like to say, It Takes a Community to build a Lion!

Since the early days, the Foundation has implemented and sustains several successful fundraising programs and a growing million dollar endowment. In 1995 the Foundation launched the Make It Happen campaign to raise $350,000 to supplement technology funding and create computer labs in our schools.

In 2008, the Foundation launched Beyond, the Campaign for Linn-Mar’s Future to raise money for three endowed funds: the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Fund, the GLOBE Fund for cultural and arts programs and the BOLD Fund to support broad, bold educational endeavors across the curriculum. Money from these and other endowed funds, as well as annual contributed support, is distributed to school programs throughout the district.

Over the years the Foundation has been instrumental in upgrading technology and library collections in most schools and meeting academic needs in individual classrooms and buildings. Current priorities align with the district’s goal to provide students with the skills, knowledge and expertise they need to succeed in work and life in the 21st century. These skills include mastery of core subjects such as science, reading, history, language arts and math, as well as an understanding of global, cultural, health and civic issues.

A few words from the Executive Director…

As a Linn-Mar parent to young children, I have experienced some of most amazing teachers; their patience and guidance are invaluable to my children as they develop a sense of independence and understand the responsibility they have in their learning and growth.  I have been fortunate to be involved with the Linn-Mar Foundation and see firsthand how important our funding is for our K-12 teachers. Our grant programs provide additional success in our district’s classrooms each and every year.

In my life, education has provided me a solid foundation to continue to experience success in my career. But education does not only enable success within our careers, it can teach us how to be a contributing member to society. Linn-Mar offers our youth the academic foundation needed in today’s world, in addition to teaching the life skills necessary to become independent young adults.

The Linn-Mar Foundation, and those who generously invest in our mission, are critical in supporting our teachers and their vision of success within their classrooms. Unfortunately, public funding and taxation cannot adequately meet all of the demands of a high growth district like Linn-Mar. We are honored to help our district support ever evolving programs and curriculum.

I am a proud supporter of the Linn-Mar District and the Foundation. Help us to continue to strive for excellence in education and support the Foundation with me.





Shelley Schroeder – Executive Director


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