2017-2018 Board Officers

Barry Frantz,
Board President

Barry was raised in Iowa City, Iowa and is a big Hawkeye fan! He graduated from Wartburg College, and now is an Accountant and Business Consultant for Terry, Lockridge & Dunn. For the last fifteen years, Barry and his family have lived in the Linn-Mar District; Barry and his wife Chris have three children, Zach, who attends Kirkwood, Alex, who attends Linn-Mar High School, and Jaycee who attends Excelsior. One interesting thing to note about Barry is that he numbers his socks so he can always have a matching pair! In his free time, he likes to golf and spend time with his family. Barry became a part of the Linn-Mar Foundation to assist in enhancing the educational opportunities for Linn-Mar students, and in the future he hopes to see the district continue to be a leader in forward thinking and STEM opportunities for students.

Don Johnson
Board Treasurer

Don and his wife named Amy have five children, three who attend Novak Elementary School and have been active in the Linn-Mar District for the last 10 years.  Originally from Belmond, Iowa he received an undergraduate degree in Accounting & Management Information Systems from Iowa State University and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Iowa College of Law.  Don serves as the Foundation Board Treasurer and is an Attorney and CPA with Shuttleworth & Ingersoll, PC.  Don is active on several community boards and joined the Linn-Mar School Foundation as a way to help support on of the fastest growing, top rated districts in the state.

Missy Daubenmier
Board Secretary


Missy has spent the last twenty five years in the Linn-Mar District! She grew up here in Marion, and now continues to live here with her husband Trent, and her children Blake and Ellie who both attend Oak Ridge. Missy graduated from Mount Mercy University and now she works at Rockwell Collins. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and baking, as well as watching sports. Missy is a self-proclaimed sports nut, she loves baseball, football, and basketball. She and her husband are both alumni of Linn-Mar High School and now their children also attend Linn-Mar. This connection caused her to become a part of the Linn-Mar Foundation to allow her to continue to support the district and make it the best experience possible for her kids and all students to come.

Shelly Schroeder

Incoming President

Something that many people do not know about Shelley is that she used to own a gym and it started her on a health and wellness journey she still enjoys today! Shelley has only been in the Linn-Mar District for the last two years, but has really been enjoying her time helping improve the school district that her children attend. She lives with her husband Brandon, and they have three children, Colyns, who attends Echo Hill, and Addyson and Anders who be attending Linn-Mar schools in the years to come. Shelley is originally from Dyersville, Iowa, and received her Undergraduate Degrees in Business Administration and Finance/Real Estate as well as an MBA from Tippie College of Business through the University of Iowa. She now is the Treasury Management Officer for Farmers State Bank. In the next five to ten years, Shelley hopes to see the passing of the bond that would allow for the expansion of the Linn-Mar District.

Rick Weber
Past President

Rick was first drawn to becoming a part of the Linn-Mar Foundation when he saw the high level, quality education that the schools provide for their students, and he wanted to help fund their programs and curriculum needs. Rick and his wife Tonya, have lived in the district for 15 years! He has two kids, Peyton and Taylor, who both still attend Linn-Mar schools, as well as four adult children Stacy, Erin, Meagan, and Michelle, and from these girls, he has 9 grandchildren! Rick grew up in Mechanicsville, Iowa and graduated from the University of Iowa with a BA in Finance. He now works for Farmers State Bank. In his free time, he likes to hang out with his family, attend sporting events, and coach youth sports. In the future, Rick hopes to assist the Foundation in continuing to address the needs that come up the growth of district.

Board Directors and Staff

Jill Ackerman

Jill is a local native who grew up right here in Marion, Iowa! She has spent the last 10 years in the district with her husband Jerry and her four kids Brock, Hunter, Taylor, and Brianne. Jill graduated from the University of Iowa and now works for the Marion Chamber of Commerce. In her free time, Jill likes to hang out at cool new spots in Marion, and she plays piano (she took 11 years of lessons!). Jill decided to become a part of the Linn-Mar Foundation because she wanted to give back to the school district that her children attend. She wanted to help the foundation dig up funds to help benefit the students of Linn-Mar. Jill would like to see the old elementary schools updated to be more modern like the rest of the buildings.

Rob Ackely


Rob, his wife Kelly, and his children are fairly new to the Linn-Mar District. Rob grew up in Portland, Oregon and he has been in the district for the last five years. All of his children attend schools in the district, Owen attends Excelsior, and Hayden and Corbin both attend Linn Grove. Rob earned his Undergraduate Degree from the University of Oregon, and his Graduate Degree from Tennessee Technological University. Now Rob is the VP of Human Resources for Ruffalo Noel Levitz. In his free time, Rob likes to spend time with his family and friends, traveling, going to waterparks, and spending time outdoors. Something many people do not know about Rob is that he authored a business book! Rob decided to become involved in the Linn-Mar Foundation to help provide continually growing and evolving educational experiences for district students. 

Mark Ahlers


Mark has been a part of the Linn-Mar District for the last eleven years. He grew up in LeMars, Iowa, attended Briar Cliff University, and now he works at Hills Bank and Co. He and his wife, Kate, have children who attend Echo Hill, Oak Ridge, and Linn-Mar High School. One of his favorite things to do is attend his children’s extracurricular activities, and he is also interested in history. When asked why he chose to become involved with the Linn-Mar Foundation, Mark says, “I wanted to give back to the district and our community.”

Angie Matson

Angie grew up in Newton, Iowa, and has been living in the Linn-Mar District for the last 9 years. She attended the University of Northern Iowa for a Degree in Accounting, and today she is the Senior Director of Finance at Transamerica. Angie and her husband Mike have two children, Miles and Mason who attend Oak Ridge and Echo Hill respectively. In her free time, Angie likes to go for runs, play sports, and spend time with her family.  One little known thing about Angie is that she can wiggle her ears!  When asked why she chose to become a part of the Linn-Mar Foundation, Angie said, “ While I am not a teacher, I wanted to be involved in the Linn-Mar district in a manner that leveraged my business background and the Linn-Mar Foundation was the perfect fit. The Foundation has a positive impact on the faculty and students of today and into the future by enhancing educational excellence.”

Emily McDonald


Emily grew up in Marion, Iowa, and is a graduate of Linn-Mar High School. Emily and her husband, Brian, have two children, Harrison and Sophia, who attend Linn-Mar High School and Oak Ridge Middle School. She graduated from Iowa State University with a BS in Industrial Technology and now works for Barnes Manufacturing Services. In her free time Emily likes to attend her children’s activities, shop, travel, sing, and serve others. She also loves to relax at Lake Okoboji! Emily chose to become apart of the Linn-Mar Foundation to give back to the district she grew up in.

Joy Mindrup

Joy has spent the last 10 years in the Linn-Mar District with her family! She originally is from Clear Lake, Iowa, but now she lives in Marion with her husband Steve and their three children, Alexa and Fletcher who both attend Linn-Mar High School and Ian who attends Oak Ridge. Joy graduated from the University of Iowa with a Degree in Nursing, and works at St. Luke's Hospital. In her free time, Joy likes to spend time outdoors, reading, loves to travel and spend time at the beach! Joy first decided to become a part of the Linn-Mar Foundation because she wanted to make more opportunities available to all students. In the next 5-10 years, she wishes to see the high level of academic excellence continue within the district.

Megan Moran

Megan grew up in Marion and is a proud Linn-Mar graduate! She went to college at Boston College for her Undergraduate Degree before attending the University of Iowa. Today, Megan works for Deloitte Tax LLP, and says she spends most of her free time keeping up with her busy family. Megan and her husband Mark have three children, Maeve, Nolan, and Margot, and when she finds some time to herself, she enjoys traveling, going on bike rides, and trying new restaurants in the area. Something many people don’t know about Megan is that her intramural girls’ basketball team at Boston College won their championship game, that was played during the halftime of the men’s (who were then ranked 4th in the nation) basketball game against Rutgers. Megan is passionate about supporting the students within the LInn-Mar District because, “[she] benefited tremendously from the top-notch education and activities that Linn-Mar offered and [she] wants to ensure that our future generations will as well.”

Darline Reid

Darline chose to become a part of the Linn-Mar Foundation because she wanted to support the school district that her children attend. Her husband Vincent and their children Tyler and Kyle, have lived in the Linn-Mar District for five years. Darline is originally from Cambria Heights, New York and received her Masters Degree in Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics. In her free time, she likes to spend time with her family, work out, dance, and play the piano, as she was a classically trained pianist from ages 8-16! In the next 5-10 years, Darline would like to see Linn-Mar continue to ensure that the needs of all students can be met so that each student within the district is able to reach their greatest potential.

Matt Skogman



Matt is a proud Linn-Mar alumnus and has many siblings and cousins who have called Linn-Mar home for decades.  He graduated from the University of Iowa and today Matt and his wife Jenny are part of his family's company Skogman Homes and reside in Marion.  Outside the office, he enjoys spending time with friends, playing basketball, and traveling. When asked what he would like to see happen within the Linn-Mar District in the future, Matt says he would like to see Linn-Mar continue to be the area’s best school!

Lance Staker


Lance and his family have lived in the Linn-Mar District for thirteen years. He grew up in Fredericksburg, Iowa, and later graduated from Coe College and the University of Iowa. Today, Lance works for Rockwell Collins and lives with his wife Julie and two kids, Sadie and Chase, who attend Linn-Mar High School and Oak Ridge. In his free time, Lance likes to travel and exercise. He is often told that he looks remarkably like Woody Harrelson, (we will let you decide for yourself!), and he also enjoys quality time with his family and friends. Lance became involved in the Linn-Mar Foundation because he was interested in becoming more involved in the local community. In the years to come, he wishes to see more of the same continue, giving the district’s students greater opportunities to become prepared for what lies ahead.

Dr. Kären Wilson, DDS

Kären is originally from Dubuque, Iowa and has lived in the Linn-Mar District with her family for the last 15 years. Kären and her husband, Mark, have two children Sam, who attends the high school, and Nate, who attends Excelsior. She attended Cornell College for a year and then went on to the University of Iowa for her Undergraduate Degree and then attended the University’s College of Dentistry. Kären owns Cedar Valley Family Dentistry in Marion. One little known fact about Kären is that she drove the Cambus at the University of Iowa! In her free time, she relaxes by spending time with her family and friends and exercising. Kären says she enjoys being a part of the Linn-Mar Foundation because she really enjoys seeing the students benefit from the Foundation’s fundraising efforts.

Shelley Woods
Executive Director

Shelley proudly serves as the Foundation's Executive Director a position she has held since 2010.  Her role includes many facets, fundraising, event planner, development, marketing, grant writing, donor relations, board development and much more.  Shelley and her husband Jeff have lived in the Linn-Mar district since 2002 and have a son Jackson who will graduate in May 2018 and a daughter Olivia who is a freshman at Linn-Mar.  Born and raised in Cedar Rapids, Shelley graduated from Coe College with a degree in Business and Economics.  A self described HGTV & DIY Network junkie, she enjoys dreaming she too can be Joanna Gaines.  In her spare time she enjoys relaxing with her family and friends, bike riding, reading, volunteering and taking in great community & music performances.  Shelley is excited to be a part of an organization which helps further support the educational excellence we value in our district.

Jenny Lammers
Foundation Accountant

Jenny was born and raised in Iowa. She and her husband Nathan moved to Cedar Rapids in 2007 where they are currently raising their family. They have a daughter and 3 sons who keep them very busy. Jenny graduated from Mount Mercy University in 2012 with her bachelors degree in Accounting. She joined the Linn-Mar Foundation in February 2017 after being employed by Transamerica from 2012-2016.  Jenny manages all financial statements and gift administration for the Foundation. Outside of the office, Jenny enjoys volunteering at her boy's school, cooking, working out and spending time with family.

Quintin Shepherd
Linn-Mar District Superintendent
Ex-Officio Member

Dr. Quintin Shepherd joined the Linn-Mar District in 2015 as our Superintendent and serves as an ex-officio member of the Linn-Mar School Foundation Board of Trustees. He is a graduate of Western Illinois University, Ed.S and received a Ph.D from Illinois State University. Quintin's career in education has included teaching, leadership roles as an elementary & high school principal, K-8 District Superintendent and K-12 District Superintendent before moving to Iowa to serve the Linn-Mar Community School District.  Quintin and his wife Sarah have two daughters who attend Linn-Mar High School and Excelsior Middle School.  When not leading our district, Quintin enjoys reading, spending time with his family and learning new things.  Just recently, he and his wife took dance lessons!

When asked about the future of our District, Dr. Shepherd remarked, "I am wildly optimistic about the future of our District! We have a long tradition of excellence and I see continuous improvement in our future. With our ongoing efforts in project based learning, blended learning and redefining the student pathways to success, we will create even greater opportunities for our students in the future."